Provisional Course

Provisional Course

The provisional course is the second step in the licencing process and needs to be successfully completed before your Learner Licence expires.  Your learner rider licence is valid for 12 months.  You may attend the provisional course 3 months after obtaining your learner licence.

The provisional course involves skills practice on the training range followed by a group ride on public roads and a short riding skills test.  The cost of the provisional course including the motorcycle operator skills test (MOST) is $224 (inc GST) and it is done in one day.

Motorcycles are not provided for the Provisional course.  It is your responsibility to bring a motorcycle or arrange to hire a motorcycle.  Motorcycle hire is limited at Rider Training Centres please book early if you wish to hire a motorcycle.

If you would like to do a Provisional Course

Modifications to Novice Approved Motorcycles (LAMS)

For a motorcycle to remain approved for use by novice riders it must not be modified in any way from its manufacturer’s standard specifications. Only motorcycles that retain all of the manufacturer’s original equipment for that model and model variant will retain novice rider status under the Learner Approved Motorcycle scheme (LAM).

Roadworthy Check

If you are providing your own, or a borrowed motorcycle for the provisional course, please make sure that it is fully roadworthy and registered before you arrive for training.

The following will be checked:

  1. Two (2) rear vision mirrors fitted,
  2. Chain guard,
  3. Chain correctly tensioned,
  4. Road legal tyres with a minimum tread depth of 1.5 mm,
  5. Correctly inflated tyres,
  6. Compliant legal unmodified exhaust system,
  7. Fully operational blinkers,
  8. Fully operational brake lamp activated from both front & rear levers
  9. Unbroken clutch and brake levers,
  10. No oil leaks from engine or fork seals,
  11. Approved “L” Plate correctly displayed vertically at the rear of the bike.

If you need to hire a motorcycle for the Provisional course call 1800 153 571 or click the “Book Now” button.

Your skin must be fully covered, your trousers and shirts/jackets must be tear and hole-free, full-fingered gloves and an approved motorcycle helmet.