Adventure Bike Training

Would you like to gain confidence in riding off-road?

Our one-day adventure bike training is certain to build your off-road skills and will help you gain confidence in riding your adventure bike in various off-road situations.

We will help you to develop your essential off-road core skills right through to advanced skills in our purpose-built training facility located in Adamstown NSW.

We keep the groups to a maximum of 6 people to ensure you receive quality training and coaching throughout the day.  Our off-road coach has over 30 years of off-road experience and is a licensed motorcycle instructor who has taught at all levels and has a driving passion for riding off-road.

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The adventure bike training is suitable for all types of adventure/off-road bikes and is suitable for riders of any experience level.

The training will be on bitumen, grass, dirt, rocks, sand, and logs and covers techniques such as.

Posture – both sitting and standing understanding where to place your body to maximise vision and control for all types of obstacles. All activities are conducted sitting and standing.

Steering – being able to use your body to assist in steering both sitting and standing to increase manoeuvrability whilst riding off-road. 

Braking – On hard surfaces or loose surfaces, sitting or standing braking is an essential skill on or off-road.

Obstacles – learn how to deal with off-road obstacles like grass and dirt, ascending and descending hills, riding over loose rocks, riding through sand, and crossing logs.

Hill stall recoveries – learn how to recover if you stall going up a hill.

Our adventure bike training will give you individual coaching and practice throughout the day at your level.  You will not feel pressured to conduct any training.  Training is progressive through the day and as you gain confidence you will better be able to deal with advanced off-road techniques until you surprise yourself with what you can do on your adventure bike.

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