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Driver & Rider Training

WHEEL-SKILLS is a family-owned and operated Proprietary Company founded back in 1990 by John Andrews and Grant Tuckwell, licensed Driving and Riding instructors since 1985 and 1988 respectively.

The two founders’ aspirations when creating Wheel Skills stemmed from their love and passion for road safety and the need to have reputable and trusted organisations that supported and drove this message to the public.

Currently Wheel-Skills core business is located in NSW, operating nine (9) training sites that predominately focus on providing accredited training for Transport for NSW.

Wheel-Skills current services are:

Wheel-skills aspirations is to become a known entity within the industry that upholds road safety in all interactions across all touchpoints such as trainees, employees, and appropriate bodies within the industry of road safety.

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Our Vision

Striving to be the company that upholds road safety.

Our Mission

Wheel-Skills Mission is to enhance road safety through training of drivers and riders in the principles of low-risk driving/riding.

Our Values

The following core values are fundamental to the future of Wheel-Skills, customers, and our staff.

Road Safety

SAFETY is the foundation of all we do all the time.
We recognise, adapt, and support customers' and employees need’s and expectations


We recognize that PASSION and personality matter!
We recognise, adapt and support customers and employees needs and expectations


We deliver QUALITY training in fun and interactive way.
We recognise, adapt and support customers and employees needs and expectations .


We seek to GROW our business in a way that makes us proud.
We recognize that as a business we need to grow and evolve to survive but we achieve this in a sustainable way.

Everyone who comes in contact with Wheel-Skills should be able to recognize the above values and see them in action.